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Team - JC Group

The one that matters most is the visionary behind the organization! All this could only happen through their undying commitment, untiring endeavors, rich experiences, as well as the wisdom acquired along the way.


I welcome to you in the wonderful world of "JC Group Of Institutes" .We have excellent highly qualified teachers/mentors, experienced with a profound sense of belongingness commitment and integrity. We include in the heart, minds and soul of our students the radiant reality: "Careers are crafted with care and not by merely luxuriating in rosy dreams".

As an established institution, we maintain an utmost academic standard, incorporated with the conduct of discipline, thereby achieving remarkable and excellent percentage of results. We firmly believe that education is the key to a nation's progress.

The hard work of today is the triumph of the future. The time and effort you spend today are the deciding factors of your later years.

As the chairman of this institution, I anticipate the full participation and cooperation of the students and parents to make it possible for us to transform their dreams to reality. And if there is any assistance that you might need; may it be personal or professional, I shall always be willing to hear from you.

I wish you all the best! 
Sunil Dalwadi
JC Group of Institutes

"Welcome to JC Group of schools, a place where diversity, innovation, academic excellence and global awareness come together to deliver an exceptional school experience"

Anyone who educates, impart knowledge is a Teacher. School is a foundation of education where teacher holds the responsibility to mould young minds, help them climb each steps of knowledge n become successful.

For us educating children is a great responsibility and privilege in equal measure. To make it work, we need to put a lot in. This begins with seeding the desire for lifelong learning in every student.

Our goal is for student to finally outgrow us. We want them to become ready and able to take the next step, secure in the knowledge of who they are, and what they do best. Ours is the care in preparation. Theirs is to go out and make a difference.

Dr. Shilpa Dalwadi
Managing Director – Shannen CBSE


"Education is a progressive discovery of our own continuous efforts".              The aim of education should be to teach us rather how to think, than what to think----- rather to improve our minds so as to enable us to think for ourselves.

A teacher is a person who connects well with students and understands their way of grasping the concepts more than the stereotypical old school teaching methods

Mr. Kalpesh Shah
Managing Trustee –
SSV Halol, SPS Bodeli

JC Group of Institutions is founded with a basic belief that education is the best and most cherished treasure that anyone can possess. It is that thinking, which has made it a flagship group in the educational world. While striving for students and society as a whole, BIMs creates global citizens with a sound value of honesty and integrity.

Mr. Umesh Pandya
Dean – BIMS College

A teacher is a complete package of emotions, knowledge, empathy, discipline and motivation, who is always on feet to serve their students. The way a teacher influence a child in their life is different in different phases, depends on situation. So, a teacher is second Mother of a child.

Ms. Nirmal Tandon
Principal – Shannen CBSE

"School is a destination and teachers are bridge to accomplish the goals."

A teacher strengthens the skills of the students by shaping their attitude and turning their journey of life into a correct direction. A teacher makes a beautiful statue from an unshaped stone.

Ms. Chhaya K. Iyer
Principal – Sapphire Global School

"Together we can and we will make a difference"!

There are three role models in the life of a student – Parents, teachers & the School. Parents are the one who inspires their ward to go out & conquer the world.

Teachers shoulder a huge responsibility of giving ideal student, who are the future of the nation. We at JC Group leave no area untouched for the development of a child. Every single child has something they are good at. That’s the opportunity & education we provide. Let’s - Care, Improve, Smile.

Ms. Ankura Nihalani
Principal – Shannen The World School

Teaching is like gardening. Provide the best conditions for growth and an abundant harvest of talent, commitment, imagination and creativity will shoot up.

Mr. D. Srinivasan
Principal – Shivam The World School

How truly it is said that, a teacher Takes a Hand, Opens a Mind and Touches a Heart. Well I firmly believe that teaching is a noble profession that shapes the character, caliber and future of an individual.  Last but not the least, be a teacher in such a way that every student n parent remembers you.

Ms. Rupali Solanki
Principal – Sapphire Public School

"A teacher effect eternity, he/she can never tell where his /her influence stop" - Henry Adams.

A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination and instill a love of learning. Teaching is the greatest act of optimism.

Ms. Bindu Nair
Vice-Principal - Shannen Saraswati Vidhymandir, Halol

A continuous training process under soft skills help students to foster their interpersonal skills as well as an ability to communicate using the right word to compliment hard skills and also to pace their potential in the ever demanding and fast growing global market. AT BIMS, we believe in grooming as standing out with outstanding qualities.

Ms. Shobha Dixit
HOD Soft Skills Management – BIMS

Effective teaching and education extension activities, constantly seek to strengthen the ongoing process of management and extend the frontiers of management knowledge. We at BIMS nurture faculties and make available and make available an elite scholastic environment that is highly conducive for learning and creativity.

Mr. Neeraj Nanda
HOD Management – BIMS

Education is the anchor that holds life together through choppy waters, leading a child to learning's treasures which in return gives  a teacher untold pleasure.

Today was good, today was fun and tomorrow is another one. A teacher is a mentor who welcomes the kids, holds their hands and uplifts them towards their bright future.

Ms. Alpa Shah
Pre-Primary Coordinator – Shannen CBSE

Teaching is the work of heart. Instead of saying I'm done ... I'm finished ...I'm through.....A teacher says how can I make this better?....what else can I do ?....what can I fix up ?....How can I check this work ?.....what parts should I re-read ? These questions makes the reason why ordinary students dream to do extra -ordinary things.

Ms. Binal Patel
Pre-Primary Coordinator – Shannen The World School, Gotri

Education is to construct an active citizen by value added information and positively influencing the Teachers and Students to excel towards their inherited SKILLS AND GOALS.

Ms. Sunita Kambar
Pre-Primary Coordinator – Sapphire Global School, Waghodia

Teaching is a infinity based learning experience that has no textbooks to read, no chapters to learn, no syllabus to follow but contains only one goal and that is to help kids develop physically, emotionally and socially and spread the right word to the people around him/her.

Ms. Smita Sen
Pre-Primary Coordinator – Sapphire Public School, Bodeli


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