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Sports Academy

Play is essential part of life. The social, emotional, cognitive and physical well being of children begins in early childhood. Playing sports has many benefits like physical growth and development, building in stamina, developing eye hand coordination, self esteem and confidence.

In today’s technically advanced world children spend more time in front of TV, Computers and video games so we at Shannen Kids give equal importance to sports to help children to maintain balance in life.

Dance Academy

Dance is movement with beats and music. Dance helps to enhance physical and gross motor skills. It also helps to develop listening skills as well as eye and hand coordination.

Music Academy

Music is a therapy. The gift of learning music is lifelong and something very special. It is an effective powerful medium for our students for self exploration, self expression and turning into the innersole.

Art and Creation

Art and Drawing is one of the important parts of life as it helps children to express their feelings and understanding of the world. Art and Drawing not only provide the basis for other creative activities like painting, printing etc but it also helps in learning concepts of language and numbers.

Mother’s Academy

It will include sessions for the mothers to learn, to generate and be creative. The sessions of MOTHER’S ACADEMY would be held to help mothers indulge into creative and innovative activities when their children’s are busy with their sessions.


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